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The difference between reflecting light and heat


Reflecting too much or too little light impacts on production in any crop. With ReduSol it is easy to adjust the percentage of light and heat that is reflected. But heat stress is often a bigger problem than too much light. In that case, ReduHeat is the answer.

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Tomato grower sees increase in production as a result of AntiReflect


Van Adrichem Kwekerijen in Steenbergen achieved a 5% increase in production last year using AntiReflect, compared to an untreated glasshouse section. “We were pleasantly surprised.”

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Importance of measurements

The importance of reliable and independent measurements


Mardenkro is firmly committed to ensure that its products have a sound scientific basis and therefore maintains close contact with Wageningen University & Research, the perfect partner for conducting independent measurements and pursuing new avenues.

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Mardenkro publishes second book: “ReduSystems: The bright side of growing”


Due to the great success of the first book, Mardenkro publishes a second book called “ReduSystems: The bright side of growing”. This book highlights the new, revolutionary product AntiReflect and explains how this product ensures a light gain of approximately 3% on existing horticultural glass.

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Removing coatings

Removing coatings: how to get your greenhouse spotlessly clean


This summer, some growers have started removing their greenhouse roof coatings earlier than usual because of the mediocre summer weather. ReduClean is the perfect product for the job. When it comes to removing ReduFuse (IR), there is a special version of ReduClean available: ReduClean for ReduFuse. Dennis...

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Preventing light loss

Preventing light loss and disease in plastic greenhouses


Condensation on the greenhouse roof is the result of air dehumidification. In plastic greenhouses steps need to be taken to prevent the condensation from causing problems.

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AntiCondens for glass allows significantly more light into the greenhouse


Tomato grower Paul van Paassen is the first in the Netherlands to use the coating AntiCondens for glass. “It clearly leads to more light inside.” he says.

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Generative or vegetative

Pay attention to generative or vegetative growth


Steering the crop towards vegetative or generative growth requires constant attention. Crop consultant Wim van Wingerden explains the possibilities.

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ReduSol is good for both orchids and working conditions in the greenhouse


Since Apollo Farm in Don Duong, Vietnam, started using ReduSol flower quality is better, screens are used less and working conditions have clearly improved. 

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ReduSol lowers cultivation temperature


After several years of trial and error, horticultural company Young Sun, of Taiwan, has found a good solution for using ReduSol to protect its potted and bedding plants. The coating is applied to the sidewalls as well as the greenhouse roof.

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Close collaboration with consultants


Mardenkro maintains close contacts with consultants who advise international greenhouses. Dutch horticultural technology is very popular all over the world but only with the proper know-how it is possible to achieve the maximum results.

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ReduFuse IR ensures stress-free ficus


Ficus can withstand a lot of light providing the leaf temperature doesn’t rise too high. The company Kwekerij Zwethlande of Honselersdijk, the Netherlands, is therefore using ReduFuse IR for the first time this season.  

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Longer roses under ReduFlex Blue


When it becomes very warm roses quickly tend to remain too short. Nice2Get! now has three seasons of experience with ReduFlex Blue. “We clearly see more stem elongation,” says owner Robert Koot.

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Sensitive sweetpoint peppers benefit from ReduFuse


Sweetpoint peppers are very sensitive to blossom end rot and sunburn spots. Since John Cappalonga of Gee Vee Enterprises started using ReduFuse these problems are under control.

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ReduFuse IR is ideal for the cultivation of amaryllis


Amaryllis grow longer under a coating, resulting in larger bulbs and sturdier stems. Most growers (70-80%) now use coatings.

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