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Always a clean greenhouse


Even when prices are poor few companies cut back on cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouse. This indicates that in practice the importance of good light transmission has sunk in.

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Potential to steer crop with blue light


Crop development can be steered by using blue light. Insights into the possibilities are continuously growing as a result of joint research.

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Light colour and intensity affect biological balance


Both pests and their natural enemies respond to the colour and intensity of light. This means that coatings can affect the biological balance in greenhouses.

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Measuring crop temperatures


In greenhouse cultivation, we normally measure the greenhouse temperature. However, the temperatures of the plant and fruit are also very important in achieving optimum production and quality.

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Diffuse light for Gerbera


Gerbera is a light sensitive crop that benefits from high sums of light. However, during the summer months, too much light can damage both growth and quality. Therefore gerbera crops always need to be protected. This can be achieved by using a coating, screen or a combination of both. In practice, we...

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ReduHeat or ReduFlex Blue?


The arrival of photoselective coatings on the market has allowed more crop specific light to be offered to the plant. ReduHeat is the first photoselective coating that has been specially developed for horticulture. Many growers want to keep heat out of the greenhouse but aren’t prepared to sacrifice...

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Sweet peppers benefit from diffuse light


Light is an important factor for achieving high yield and quality in a sweet pepper crop. Not only is the amount of light crucial, also its distribution during the day. Furthermore, the quality of the light, such as light colour and whether or not it’s direct or indirect is significant.

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Uniform coating is an art


An evenly applied coating is very important. Otherwise an uneven amount of light enters the greenhouse and that can result in a non-uniform crop or problems with the climate control. Gert-Jan van Hattem, of spraying specialist HPW Spuittechnieken, talks about the art of coating.

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Knowledge leads to better result


The coatings within ReduSystems are becoming more and more advanced. Advisors and users know about their properties and the changes being made to the growth strategy are leading to optimal results with higher crop returns. Mardenkro spends a lot of energy on the provision of information. To be able to...

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Coating in layers

Coating in layers is interesting for all growers


Growers ask many questions about light loss in relation to applying a coating. Through smart use of ReduSystems products it is possible ‘to shade with the light’. Here are a few tips to discuss with your customers.

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Diffused light virtually always better


All fruit-bearing vegetable crops benefit from diffuse light. The total photosynthesis increases through better light penetration and reduced heat stress.

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How does AntiReflect work?


AntiReflect reduces the difference in refractive index between air and glass; that is why the greenhouse receives more sunlight.

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Anti-condensation coating for glass


In the Netherlands the levels of light are low in winter. We can compensate for this by using additional lighting, but it is also important to let in as much of the available natural light as possible. One way of getting more light in is to reduce light loss caused by condensation.

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Attention to clean glass rewarded with gain in light


In vegetable production the old rule of thumb still applies: 1% more light = 1% more yield. For this reason, dirty glass is not desirable.

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Light distribution in the greenhouse


It is difficult in the greenhouse to measure light well. Certainly on clear days, shadows thrown by parts of the building cause a large difference in the light that falls upon the crop. 

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