ReduClean is a special cleaning solution, designed to remove all ReduSystems coatings. It is simple to use on all greenhouse materials, including glass, acrylic, polycarbonate and plastic film. After applying the product, rainwater is usually enough for a clean result. ReduClean is economical and safe to use.

ReduClean is available in 10 and 25-litre containers.

Use and dosage of ReduClean

  1. You will need 250 litres (65 US gallon) of ReduClean for 1 hectare (2,5 acre).
  2. Dilute ReduClean by stirring it into 5 to 7 parts of clean water.
  3. Spray ReduClean onto a dry greenhouse surface when rain is forecast within the next few days.
  • Do not spray the product while it is raining, or if it is likely to rain while you are spraying.
  • Do not spray the product in windy conditions, as too much of it will be lost to the wind.
  1. Make sure that the entire coating is moistened. Sections that are not moistened will not be removed.
  2. In most cases, the coating will wash away after a few rainshowers.

Points for special attention

  • Standard greenhouse materials will not be damaged by ReduSystems products. For specially-treated greenhouse materials (diffuse glass, AR coatings), please contact Mardenkro.
  • To ensure the proper cleaning of the greenhouse, do not combine ReduSystems coatings with products of other manufacturers.
  • The cleaning procedure for some ReduSystems coatings differs from the standard method. Always follow the product instructions for removing the product concerned. 

Safety and environment

  1. The organic components of ReduClean are biodegradable. 
  2. The pigment that might appear after removing ReduSystems can cause visual pollution (temporary and harmless). You can prevent this by:
  • Preventing rinse water from draining into still waters.
  • Installing drainage systems beneath the water surface.
  • Paying attention to the drainage capacity in relation to the total surface area of the greenhouse cover.
  1. Close the water basin before using ReduClean to remove coatings. This will prevent a temporary change in the pH level of the water.
  2. The safety data sheet (SDS) can be downloaded 'here'.

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