AntiCondens: careful application gives the best results

With AntiCondens, you optimize the incidence of light in your greenhouse. Application is not complicated, but it requires care. Our instruction video demonstrates how best to apply it.

Both glass and plastic greenhouses are often covered with condensation. This can severely block the incidence of light. In glass greenhouses, this can be up to 9%, and in plastic up to 15%. It largely depends on how the water vapor condenses. Big drops of condensation block the light, whilst a water film lets through more light. AntiCondens ensures the creation of such a water film.

Instruction video

However, it is important to apply the coating correctly. To help you, we have posted an instruction video on YouTube.

Some important points:

  • Use the correct version of AntiCondens, for glass or plastic.
  • Preferably apply it when the greenhouse is empty. If there are crops in the greenhouse, first test whether they are affected by the product. Spray a small area with diluted AntiCondens and assess the effect.
  • Mix AntiCondens with clean rainwater or tap water.
  • Apply mixed AntiCondens with a spray gun or spray machine onto a clean, dry greenhouse cover.
  • Completely cover the glass with a fine mist.
  • Do not wash off the product!
  • Leave to dry. Good ventilation speeds up the drying process. While it is drying, no moisture must condense on the cover.
  • Protect yourself with a face mask, safety goggles and gloves.

The video provides step-by-step instructions.

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