Applying ReduSystems coatings

The ReduSystems products only produce optimal results when they are applied with care to the greenhouse cover, i.e. uniformly and with the right mixing ratio. Every method of application has its own points requiring attention. The pages below contain guidelines and tips for achieving the best results.

Application with a spray gun

Our coatings are easy to apply manually. Success factors for applying a proper uniform layer are the worker’s workmanship and the quality and characteristics of the equipment used.

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Machine application of ReduFuse IR on glass greenhouse
Application with a machine

The use of an application machine always yields the best quality. A beautiful uniform coating without any loss of product due to an efficient, as well as a safe method of working. Requirements are workmanship and well-maintained equipment. 

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Application with a drone

In regions where machine application faces challenges due to vast distances or unsuitable greenhouse constructions, drones offer a viable alternative. The application duration hinge on factors such as the type of drone and product used. This application method is fast and safe and can lead to accurate results.

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Helicopter application of shading agent
Application with a helicopter or plane

This is a fast and cost-efficient method. The result is highly dependent on the pilot’s knowledge and skill, and on the quality of the equipment used.

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Coating and cleaning inside the greenhouse

The inside of the greenhouse requires special attention in controlling light. Regular cleaning and applying a coating provides for optimal light incidence.

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