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Consultant Krzysztof Banaszak sees coatings becoming commonplace in Poland


Pink beef tomatoes (and some red varieties) are extra sensitive to blossom end rot, green collars (unripe stage) and yellow shoulders (ripe fruit stage) in warm, light periods. And it is precisely those pink beef tomatoes that are extremely popular in Poland. “We also have to deal with long hot summers...

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Maarel Orchids reduces the number of hours lights are needed by making smart...


In 2020, orchid crop manager Johan Langelaan of Maarel Orchids explored his options for reducing the number of hours additional lighting would have to be used in his greenhouse, without compromising the amount of light his crop would get. Lumiforte consultant Paul van Gils told him he could try combining...

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Overhaul with PipePaint easier than expected


After twenty years, the heating pipes at the Jansen Hoeven tomato nursery were due for a thorough facelift. "We were already working on the crop change when I read an article about PipePaint," says Carlos Jansen. "After placing a call to the supplier, we had it here the next day. The result is fantastic,...

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ReduSystems coatings tested and safe for AGCulture Fountain AR glass


AGCulture Glass from Belgium has examined the compatibility between its glass type Fountain AR (anti-reflection) and various ReduSystems coatings from Lumiforte. The cleaning agent ReduClean was tested on the well-known low-iron greenhouse glass. "We now know for sure that our Fountain glass is not adversely...

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Wageningen University & Research study confirms that: ReduClean safely cleans...


Anti-reflective (AR) glass allows more light into a greenhouse and can save energy. Because of its premium price, it's vital to keep these qualities intact over time. This means that cleaning methods and agents must meet certain requirements. Researchers at Wageningen University & Research investigated...

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Crop growing consultant Willem van Dijk ‘Temporary coatings help growers in...


Growers throughout the world are experiencing the adverse consequences of climate change, including in covered crops. Extreme weather conditions, which sometimes last for long periods of time, require additional protective measures. The broad selection of Lumiforte's temporary coatings makes custom applications...

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Extra protection during the coming warm period


Across certain regions of Europe, following a rainy spring, we are currently experiencing a shift in weather patterns. It has turned to sunny and warm at the end of May, which has led to an abundance of sunshine and rising temperatures. As a result, we understand that plants experience stress and, in...

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Maximizing plant growth by limiting infrared radiation into the greenhouse


The plant consists for the most part of water so it is quickly warmed up by infrared radiation. Water absorbs infrared very well. Reflecting infrared radiation before it enters the greenhouse therefore has a large impact on plant temperature.

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Manually coating in the UK: every greenhouse requires custom work


Even the British royal family is among his customers. Mike Spapé specializes in cleaning and coating non-standard greenhouses.

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Return on investment best guideline for choosing coatings


Some growers in Canada and the US are switching from ReduSol to other coatings. They aim to benefit from light, while reflecting excessive heat.

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A front row seat in research into light and crops


Lumiforte is capable of developing innovative coatings due to direct contact with well-known scientists working in the area of light and plant physiology. New insights can be directly translated into new coatings. This is why Lumiforte is a member of the Club of 100.

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A painted heating pipe emits 10% more heat


An understated problem is that over time heating pipes emit less heat. A paint job with PipePaint solves this problem. The formula has been improved: greater wear resistance, anticorrosive and non-toxic.

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Almost 25% increase in production thanks to AntiCondens


All plastic greenhouses in Dagestan near the Caspian Sea face the same issue: droplets of condensation absorb light and promote growth of pathogens. Tomato growing companies have found a solution in the form of AntiCondens for plastic.

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Using coatings to save energy


Almost all growers are looking for solutions to the currently high energy prices. The intelligent use of coatings is an excellent option to help reduce energy costs.

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Every crop gets its own made-to-measure coating


In southeast Austria it is impossible to grow greenhouse vegetables without coatings. Frutura has elevated crop protection into an art. Through means of continuous improvement, Frutura’s operating managers have developed an optimal approach for every variety. This means that Austrian consumers can purchase...

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