Extra protection during the coming warm period

Across certain regions of Europe, following a rainy spring, we are currently experiencing a shift in weather patterns. It has turned to sunny and warm at the end of May, which has led to an abundance of sunshine and rising temperatures. As a result, we understand that plants experience stress and, in some cases, have already suffered damage.

The need for additional protection during the warm period has led to a growing interest in our coatings, including ReduFuse (IR), ReduHeat, ReduSol.
Growers all over the world feel the need to respond to prolonged heat periods, which are more common than ever before. They are therefore increasingly opting for extra protection in the middle of summer. SprayChalk is a liquid solution without binder, which can be used for a shorter period (and on top of another coating) and coatings such as ReduFuse IR & ReduHeat reflect heat (IR) for a longer period.
The latter coatings are effective throughout the summer. If you get the plant out of balance, these coatings are a valuable tool to prevent problems. In short, IR reflective coatings can help you avoid problems, as even a moment of stress can cause weeks of trouble.

Pursuing optimal long-term results: example case vegetables

Every grower works hard to take care of their crops, studying data, checking the weather forecast, and guiding their growth. But sometimes unexpected things happen, and there can be consequences.
Let's talk about Sweet pepper. Imagine a greenhouse with 7 plants per m2, showing great potential. But then the weather suddenly changes, with low humidity and very high temperatures, causing stress. This stress becomes a big problem: 70,000 small pepper fruits in the greenhouse could be affected and can't be sold. Each pepper is worth 15 cents each during the summer, so the total cost is $10,500. And there may be additional costs for removing the damaged plants.

To reduce these risks, there is a solution: using a coating. This coating gives the plants a break when they're stressed, helping them stay balanced and stay performing at their best. It's not just sweet pepper that benefits from this. It also helps with tomato plants that have lower-quality pollen when the temperature goes above 30 degrees Celsius, and it protects delicate flowers and plants from getting burned or discolored when the leaves and flowers get too hot.

With the coating, you can feel more confident knowing your crops will thrive, even when unexpected things happen.

SprayChalk: a solution for heat waves

When a short heat wave is on its way, there's an option to use SprayChalk, a liquid spray chalk that can be applied quickly. Here are a few benefits of using SprayChalk during a heat wave:

  1. Immediate relief: It reduces the amount of sunlight, creating a more comfortable climate at that moment. It serves as an emergency solution.
  2. Temporary effect: When it rains, the SprayChalk washes off, and the glass becomes clear again.
  3. Compatible with Lumiforte coatings: SprayChalk can be used alongside other Lumiforte coatings. Once the SprayChalk is washed away, the initial layer remains until it is removed in the fall.

If you would like more information about which application is the right one for your location and cultivation, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the right colleague within our organization!

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