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Ornamental production

Daily light integral should be guide for optimal production of ornamentals


An increasing number of ornamental crop growers regularly measure the amount of light in the greenhouse. But just as important as the light level at any given time is the total light sum or daily light integral (DLI) received by the crop.

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Removing coatings

Removing coatings: how to get your greenhouse spotlessly clean


This summer, some growers have started removing their greenhouse roof coatings earlier than usual because of the mediocre summer weather. ReduClean is the perfect product for the job. When it comes to removing ReduFuse (IR), there is a special version of ReduClean available: ReduClean for ReduFuse. Dennis...

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Autumn light

Crop uses autumn light less efficiently


Tomato plants utilise available light in the autumn less efficiently for production than in the spring. Why is this and can it be changed?

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Practical tests confirm higher production under AntiReflect


The first growers to use the new AntiReflect coating are seeing higher production as more light is entering their greenhouses. AntiReflect is being launched commercially this year.

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Daily light

Daily light integral should be guide for optimal vegetable production


Radiation is an important factor for good climate control. In addition, the daily light integral is important for the crop.

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colour of light 2

The colour of light is important


The colour of light affects the efficiency of photosynthesis but also growth and development. It is becoming more and more possible to work with these facts.

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Preventing light loss

Preventing light loss and disease in plastic greenhouses


Condensation on the greenhouse roof is the result of air dehumidification. In plastic greenhouses steps need to be taken to prevent the condensation from causing problems.

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More light 2

AntiCondens for glass allows significantly more light into the greenhouse


Tomato grower Paul van Paassen is the first in the Netherlands to use the coating AntiCondens for glass. “It clearly leads to more light inside.” he says.

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Bumblebees benefit from coating on the roof


Bumblebees don't like extreme temperatures. Therefore, if the roof is coated they often function better and that improves their effectiveness.

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Adjust watering

Adjust the watering under a coating


A coating on the roof has consequences for the water management. Jos Beerens of Grodan explains what the grower needs to bear in mind.

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Better quality with ReduFuse

Better quality with ReduFuse-coatings


The ReduFuse and ReduFuse IR coatings not only ensure that vegetable crops yield more, they also lead to a considerable improvement in quality: Less blossom end rot in cherry tomatoes and sweet peppers, no anthocyanin formation in yellow peppers and more productive high wire cucumbers.

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Compact plants

Compact plants by playing with climate and light


The height of flowering potted- and bedding plants can be controlled by targeted use of climate and light.

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Generative or vegetative

Pay attention to generative or vegetative growth


Steering the crop towards vegetative or generative growth requires constant attention. Crop consultant Wim van Wingerden explains the possibilities.

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plants prefer uniform climate

Plants prefer uniform climate


Occasional light stress makes ornamental plants stronger. But generally speaking, plants prefer uniformity.

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Diffuse low ornamental

Low-growing ornamental crops benefit from diffused light


Low-growing ornamental crops such as potted plants and gerbera perform better under diffused light. The micro-climate around the plants is more even, and the light penetrates better into the crop.

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