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Apply, combine and remove coatings every season for optimal use of sunlight

ReduSystems is the global leading brand in developing coatings and cleaners for greenhouse cultivation. The products control the incidence of natural light and heat to optimise the climate for the crop in every season - from a cooler climate in summer and more light in winter, to diffuse light and changing the light spectrum.

Reducing the greenhouse temperature

Shading agents reduce the temperature in the greenhouse by reflecting light and/or heat. They are a good way to improve the greenhouse climate if there is too much light or heat for the crop. The choice of agent depends on the crop requirements and the local climate.

Spraying shading agent on the roof of the greenhouse
Uniform light level is best for the crop

A diffuse coating ensures that the light is distributed better in the greenhouse, both horizontally and vertically. There are no more light and dark areas. Due to the evenness of the light, the crop experiences less stress and grows better. In addition, the light penetrates deeper into the crop.

applying diffuse shading agent
Light colour controls shape and development

ReduFlex coatings change the ratio of light colours within the PAR section. This makes it possible to control the plant's growth.  ReduFlex Blue is the first practical application in this series. This ensures more stem length for roses.  

Blue light reflective coating on the greenhouse deck
Optimal use of natural light

During a certain part of the year, light is the limiting factor for production. More light in the greenhouse is therefore very welcome. Transmission coatings ensure that more light enters the greenhouse. It increases production, improves product quality and reduces problems with diseases. They can be combined with other ReduSystems coatings.

More light in the greenhouse by improving transmission
Guide incoming light to the crop

During a part of the year, you want to protect the crop from excess light. But in other seasons, more light is needed. Reflection coatings are among the coatings that ensure that more light reaches the crop.

Heating pipes protected by pipe paint
Greenhouse cover in optimal condition

The ReduSystems cleaning agents ensure a perfectly clean greenhouse cover, on both the outside and inside. Problem-free removal of contamination but also of coatings that are no longer required.   Dirty glass not only causes loss of light. A layer of dirt also provides a hiding place and breeding ground for disease. Fungi, bacteria and viruses survive more easily when the glass is dirty.

Cleaning greenhouse interior
Free whitepaper: dealing with climate limitations in your greenhouse.

Climate change has an increasing effect on the climate limitations inside the greenhouse. Light, temperature, heat, CO2, and humidity all have their own effect on the production and photosynthesis of your crop. This white paper gives you the insight on how to counter those climate limitations.

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The bright side of growing

Since 2013 ReduSystems has been publishing articles about products, how to use them and much more to improve your knowledge about greenhouse climate control and light transmission. Knowledge greatly appreciated by many growers, crop consultants and other parties within horticulture.

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