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Shading and cooling agents are playing an increasingly important role in the...


According to Rui Xue Global, the partner of ReduSystems coatings in China, February and March are normally the peak sales period of shading and cooling agents. However, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected logistics and production.

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Adapting climate and watering to coatings


Coatings soften the greenhouse climate; this provides an opportunity to change how the climate and watering are controlled. Two crop advisors discuss the principles that apply to tomatoes, gerbera and alstroemeria.

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80% of production is determined by the greenhouse climate


Philippe Bertolotto's tomato plants would produce virtually nothing in summer without ReduSol. But the precise moment of application and removal is crucial and identifying that time window is a challenge every year.

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Less disease and better quality under diffuse coating


Agrokultura Group is finding it easier to find the balance between optimal use of sunlight and crop protection. In the video, Sergei Volkov explains how ReduSystems coatings play an important role in this.

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Coatings: what do they bring?


Investing in a coating boosts yield and improves product quality. The actual return on investment depends on the conditions. Willem Valstar from StarGrow Consultancy helps tomato growers find the most economically profitable approach.

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ReduFuse and AntiReflect improve control over the cultivation of cucumbers


Cucumber farm Van Lipzig Tuinderijen is constantly working on improving its crop. The ReduFuse and AntiReflect coatings are perfectly suited to meet the desire for better use of the available light.

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Controlling growth with light: more in winter, diffuse in summer


For a grower, every ray of sunlight entering the greenhouse in winter is a bonus. Light is also welcome in summer, provided it is properly distributed throughout the crop. This can be achieved by combining coatings. Two vegetable growers are leaders in this field in the Netherlands.

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Light gain in greenhouse after applying AntiCondens leads to more production


For crops that are switched in the summer, this is the ideal time to apply AntiCondens to the inside of the greenhouse cover. It is a good preparation for the coming humid season, when condensation droplets block valuable light. Tomato grower Paul van Paassen has been using AntiCondens for three years,...

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Spray chalk provides extra protection during periods of heat


The climate is changing, and the summers are becoming hotter. This may require extra protection for a month to a month and a half. The popularity of spray chalk and summer mix is clearly increasing.

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Perfect roses without blackening under ReduFlex Blue


The Cananvalle rose farm in Ecuador uses ReduFlex Blue against blackening of the petals. This saves a lot of labour. Furthermore, they harvest longer stems and the greenhouse climate is more pleasant to work in.

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ReduFuse IR helps tomatoes get through hot summers


After a few years of experience with ReduFuse, tomato grower Prima Fruit switched to ReduFuse IR. This coating combines optimal light distribution with heat shielding in Slovakia’s harsh land climate.

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When should I remove the coating?


Light levels fall a little further every day in August. The decision as to when to remove a coating is partly rational and partly depends on the weather and your green fingers.

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Calm in the nursery thanks to ReduFuse


On some days, sunshine is interspersed with clouds all the time. ‘Then you have to constantly make the choice of closing the shading or not. With ReduFuse, the nursery is much calmer.’

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It takes skill to apply AntiReflect properly


For AntiReflect to work properly, the thickness of the coating must be within a certain bandwidth. Only certified contractors are able to achieve this.

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The difference between reflecting light and heat


Reflecting too much or too little light impacts on production in any crop. With ReduSol it is easy to adjust the percentage of light and heat that is reflected. But heat stress is often a bigger problem than too much light. In that case, ReduHeat is the answer.

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