Better advice through knowledge sharing

At the beginning of this year, Lumiforte became a member of Plant Empowerment. This new membership allows us to share even more knowledge about climate control and plant balance.

Plant Empowerment is a cultivation method created as a result of the further development of The New Cultivation approach. This method relies heavily on measurement data. The key theme of this cultivation philosophy is to keep the plant and greenhouse climate in balance. This is not just a question of keeping a single aspect in balance, but six different aspects:

  • The energy balance in the greenhouse
  • The plant’s energy balance
  • The humiditybalance in the greenhouse
  • The plant’s water balance
  • The CO2 balance in the greenhouse
  • The plant’s assimilation balance

The ReduSystems coatings are an important tool in achieving these balances.

Open exchange

Many growers today have completed one or more courses in this field and there is now an elaborate manual ‘Plant Empowerment – the basic principles’. In addition, there is a community founded by six internationally operating suppliers to the greenhouse cultivation sector, and increasingly more companies are becoming member. ReduSystems has also joined, under the banner of its parent company Lumiforte.
“The consultants of these companies happen to see each other regularly  at greenhouse companies. So it makes sense for them to work together. We make use of one another’s knowledge and organize workshops and seminars together. Openly sharing knowledge this way is unique in the world,” says Barry Zuidgeest, Commercial Area Manager at Lumiforte.
“We aim to share this collective knowledge with our customers, thus enabling them to keep their crop in even better balance. Weather conditions often make focused controls difficult. Our coatings result in a more stable and milder greenhouse climate, enabling growers to achieve the desired production, quality, and resistance. The Plant Empowerment principles enable you to rationally consider sustainable cultivation measures and make the right decisions,” says Zuidgeest.

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