Shading with ReduSol: a reliable solution for cooling the greenhouse

Nowadays, liquid greenhouse coatings are replacing chalk applications more than ever. These coatings are easy to apply, easy to remove and provide uniform shading. Coating with ReduSol is a good choice for people who have little or no experience with liquid coatings.

The best way to keep heat out of the greenhouse is by repelling external heat radiation. For this reason, growers have traditionally sprayed their greenhouses with chalk or repelling the heat by using an external shade-cloth. A more modern option is to apply wear resistant ReduSol on the outside of the greenhouse. ReduSol reduces heat radiation and is a more practical alternative for chalk or the installation of shade-cloths.

Easy to use

ReduSol has been on the market for over 25 years and many ornamental plant growers have had very positive experiences with this coating. The product is easy to use. It is already liquid, therefore easy to mix with water and causes no clogging of the spray equipment. Moreover, ReduSol is easier to remove from the greenhouse than chalk. Together with growers and through research, Mardenkro further developed the technology of liquid coatings though research and input from growers. Currently a series of coatings with advanced properties is available, like light diffusion or reflecting certain wavelengths of the light spectrum.

An average of 5 degrees less

Applying a liquid coating to the greenhouse roof changes the light circumstances in the greenhouse. This has an impact on the growth and development of the plants. If you have no experience with the ReduSystems products, the application of ReduSol on the greenhouse roof is a good way to experience the effect of a liquid coating. ReduSol provides full protection and is resistant to rain. A layer of ReduSol on the greenhouse roof reduces the average greenhouse temperature by as much as of 5 degrees C. This benefits both the plants and the employees working in the greenhouse.

For glass and plastic greenhouses

ReduSol can be applied on glass and on all plastic materials. If ReduSol is applied to a plastic greenhouse, the lifetime of the film is extended because the coating blocks part of the harmful UV rays. Applied to a sidewall, ReduSol is a good way of reducing the radiation on that particular side. The coating is easy to apply and to remove manually or by machine if available (through a contractor). To remove ReduSol, Mardenkro has developed ReduClean, a mild cleaning product that is safe to use on glass or plastic film and will, after application, allow the rain to wash off the coating

Custom ReduSol

Liquid coatings, such as ReduSol, can be applied in multiple layers. It is possible to increase the shading as needed when the light intensity increases. ReduSol can also be reapplied in places. The two layers mix together well, resulting in a lasting uniform layer on the greenhouse roof. ReduSol can be mixed in multiple colours. Garden centres can, for example, mix a black colour through the liquid coating in order to apply a dark coating on the greenhouse in December, thus creating a Christmas atmosphere. Another application is the mixing of a green pigment for a better integration of the greenhouses into the landscape. This is done in Germany and other countries. The added colours of the coating have no effect on the removal of ReduSol.

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