GS-4 is a cleaning agent specially developed for glasshouses. It effectively removes all contamination, such as dirt, dust, soot, and organic materials. 

Dirty glass not only causes loss of light. A layer of dirt also provides a hiding place and breeding ground for disease. Fungi, bacteria, and viruses survive more easily when the glass is dirty.

GS-4 removes all contamination from the glass greenhouse
  • Cleaning without damaging or roughening the glass
  • No brushing needed. The dirt disappears simply by spraying the surface and then rinsing with water
  • Does not contain hydrogen fluoride gas and is therefore safer for people and the environment
  • Only suitable for glass

How to apply?

GS-4 can be used on both the inside and the outside of a glass greenhouse. For use on tempered glass, test the product first on both the inside and the outside of the same sample pane. Assess the clarity of the glass after rinsing with water and drying. 

Dilute GS-4 with clean water according to the level of contamination on the glass:


  1. Total spray liquid per hectare is 2,000 liters
  2. Mixing ratio 5% GS-4
  3. Use per hectare 100 liters GS-4 (5 cans) + 1900 liters water.

Heavy contamination

  1. Total spray liquid per hectare is 2,000 liters
  2. Mixing ratio 10% GS-4
  3. Use per hectare 200 liters GS-4 (10 cans) + 1800 liters water.

after mixing

  1. Avoid eye and skin contact by wearing safety glasses and protective clothing. 
  2. Apply the spray liquid uniformly to the glass using appropriate spray equipment. 
  3. Allow it to react for a while, but do not let it dry on the glass (pay attention when the weather is warm) to prevent damaging the glass. 
  4. Rinse the glass surface thoroughly with clean water.  
  5. After use, flush the equipment with water. 
  6. GS-4 is not suitable for plastic greenhouses

Note: When using on the inside: only apply in an empty, crop-free greenhouse. Do not use in the vicinity of fluoride-sensitive crops.


GS-4 effectively removes all contamination, such as dirt, dust, soot, and organic materials.

Cleaning the inside of the greenhouse with GS-4
GS-4 Xtra

GS-4 Xtra is a double-concentrated version of GS-4.

Frequently asked questions

Can I dispose the rinse water with GS-4 to the irrigation basin?

No, GS-4 contains fluoride which can be harmful if it comes in direct contact with crops. 

Does GS-4 work on plastic?

No. GS-4 and GS-4 Xtra are only suitable for use on glass.

Is it possible to mix GS-4 and ReduClean to clean and remove a coating at the same time?

No. If a coated greenhouse is very dirty, first rinse the greenhouse with water to remove as much dirt as possible. Then use the recommended amount of ReduClean (250 L per hectare). If the roof is not clean yet, use GS-4 remove the remaining dirt. 

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