New website and ReduWizard provide year-round coating advice

ReduSystems launches its renovated website this autumn: www.redusystems.com. As the number of coatings increases so do the options for use. The website and the renovated ReduWizard advisory tool point you toward the best result.

We have solutions in-house for any situation, anywhere in the world. Reflecting light, controlling light, changing the light’s colour. But also, bringing in more natural light into the greenhouse when necessary. To provide easy access to all of this information, we have improved our website.  You will have access to everything there is to know about our products in a well-organised structure. We have added and updated pages. This is how we respond to the growing need for good information about the use of coatings. Of course, you can also always contact our team.

Renovated ReduWizard  

The ReduWizard advisory tool on our website provides the optimal choice of coatings or combination of coatings for any situation. Not only shading advice for the summer period, but also which products improve light incidence in the winter. The recommendations are based on location, crop, variety, type of greenhouse and supplementary cooling options. Once this data is entered, ReduWizard displays the average light level for the specific location and identifies the products that may be suitable for further optimising your crops. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

Over the years, we have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers. The answers to these questions are posted on a separate web page. For example:  

  • Why do I need a coating when I already have a screen? 

  • Where can I purchase ReduSystems products? 

  • What is the products’ shelf life? 

Finding local sales outlets  

We have an extensive network of sales outlets located throughout the world. We work closely together with experienced distributors, to enable us to offer our products and specialised solutions anywhere in the world. All of our distributors are displayed on a world map. All you need to do is enter your location to find the closest ReduSystems sales outlet. To directly contact a distributor, click on a sales outlet and send a message. 

Knowledge bank 

We regularly publish articles about our products, scientific research and the experiences of fellow growers in actual practice. All of these articles are located on our website and you can search our archive as far back as 2013. Register for our newsletter here to receive the latest articles right away.

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