How does the ReduWizard calculate?

The ReduWizard is an online tool that helps you choose the proper coating for your particular situation. Mardenkro is often asked how the ReduWizard comes up with its recommendations. The web app is simple in appearance, but behind the scenes a number of elaborate databases ensure the app makes the proper choices.

Nowadays coatings make it possible to effectively control the light. You can opt to screen out part of the light or instead only the thermal radiation. To produce better light distribution and even to intervene in the light's colour. A large number of possibilities has emerged over time. The latest development is that instead of screening out the light, we can bring in more of it into the greenhouse.
The key is to make the proper choice from among the many options. Sometimes this can make a great deal of difference in terms of production and most definitely in product quality.
The ReduWizard on the ReduSystems website is a very useful tool for this purpose. The visible part comprises six fields that need to be filled out. However, the largest, invisible part comprises an entire world of data sets. It is these data sets that make it possible to provide the right recommendation for any situation.

Relevant Climate Conditions

The crop and location carry the most weight in making the right choice. You start off by entering the greenhouse's location. Here it is useful to enter the city's or town's name and not the country or region. The system then searches for the most relevant climate conditions, collected by a nearby weather station.
This includes radiation, temperature, precipitation and humidity. All of this data is based on the multi-year measurements of this weather station.

Light and Temperature

Once you then enter the crop, the relevant climate data is linked to it. For each crop we have developed climate criteria for optimal production. We have based this on scientific data and have adjusted this data over time on the basis of practical information from the horticultural sector. This way we compare the supply of light and temperature with the crop's demand. For example, this provides clarity about the radiation and temperature at which it is beneficial to apply ReduFuse for tomatoes. At what values it is more sensible to migrate to ReduSol. And when ReduFuse IR or ReduHeat will produce the best results.
ReduWizard furthermore corrects the results on the basis of cooling options, such as a shade cloth or a Pad&Fan cooling system, the material used to construct the greenhouse roof and the size of the greenhouse. The dosing is adjusted on this basis.

Custom Advice

In the end, the app produces a recommendation: a preferred product and possibly an alternative as well. When you click on one of these products, a second screen with all of the data appears. The number of buckets you need to apply to obtain the right coating thickness. The percentage of growth light shading, the percentage of thermal shading and the haze (a diffusivity measure).
In addition, the app recommends when to remove the coating again with the right quantity of ReduClean.


Entering the right information is essential for creating a solid basis. There are multiple options for some crops. Red roses, for example, require a somewhat different treatment from white roses.
Even for a grower who has been satisfied with his choice for many years, it may be useful to use the ReduWizard at some point. This could put you on a different track. This is because we are constantly developing new products that make it possible to even better control the light.

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