AntiReflect is going international

The new AntiReflect coating is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. All the more reason to extend the introduction to North-West Europe. Mardenkro guarantees light gain and supports all new users.

Light is the limiting factor for a large part of the year in North-West Europe. This means that any improvement in the amount of light that reaches the crop immediately results in improved yield and quality. The general rule of thumb is: 1% more light = 1% higher production. This applies both to fruiting vegetables and cut flowers. Normally some of the sunlight that hits the greenhouse roof is reflected and does not reach the crop. AntiReflect significantly reduces this reflection. More light enters the greenhouse as a result; allowing for a higher production and improved quality. The light gain is 3%. This was measured by the Light Lab of Wageningen University & Research.
The lower the sun, the more light reflects from an uncoated greenhouse roof. This means that the greater the angle of incidence, the greater the increase in the amount of light entering as a result of AntiReflect. Calculations by the Light Lab reveal that the light gain can increase to 5% at an angle of incidence of 60o. This angle of incidence is particularly common in North-West Europe and Canada.

Total package

AntiReflect was successfully introduced in the Netherlands in 2017. It was introduced to companies growing cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, roses, chrysanthemums and lilies. The Light Lab in Wageningen measured the treated glass of all these agricultural companies and confirmed the light gain. The growers are enthusiastic about this new solution and report a higher production and quality of their crop.
Starting this year, companies in Belgium, France, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland can also take part. Due to the good experiences in the Netherlands, Mardenkro is now offering this solution as a total package in these countries too. This package consists of three components: the product itself, the application and the light measurement.

Guarantee of light gain

The application method is crucial to the result. Mardenkro uses contractors in all cases, who are specially certified for the application of AntiReflect. They have proven that they are able to apply the layer uniformly and at the correct thickness.
Following application, the Light Lab in Wageningen will measure a number of treated panes and will determine the actual light gain in comparison to non-treated panes. The grower will receive a report of this measurement.
This controlled introduction ensures that Mardenkro can guarantee everything is done correctly and that a substantial light gain is indeed achieved. Mardenkro guarantees an increase in the incidence of light by at least 2.5%

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