Independent light measurements

Independent light measurements demonstrate: ReduFuse achieves uniform distribution of light with minimum loss! Mardenkro called in Multi-Meet from Nieuw-Vennep to measure the light in greenhouses belonging to Prominent, a growers’ association located in ’s-Gravenzande (Netherlands). The aim was to gain a clearer picture of the light distribution and transmittance in greenhouses treated with ReduFuse.

Mardenkro normally commissions Wageningen University and Research Centre to measure light transmittance, but this takes place under laboratory conditions and relates only to coated glass. The situation is different in a greenhouse, where transmittance is also affected by structural factors such as gutters, shade cloths and frames, amongst other things. As a result, the amount of light that reaches plants under untreated glass can easily be 25% lower than it is outside.

Paul Blom from Multi-Meet took no fewer than 40 light measurements in Prominent’s tomato greenhouses. Levels of light were measured at 20 fixed points under different weather conditions in a greenhouse treated with ReduFuse (12 buckets per hectare) and an untreated greenhouse. Simultaneous measurements were also taken of the light outside to serve as a reference point.

The findings

  • The distribution of light in the ReduFuse greenhouse was much more uniform than in the untreated greenhouse (see graphs).
  • During sunrise an average of 2% more light was recorded in the ReduFuse greenhouse.
  • In slightly overcast, diffuse weather in the afternoon 3% less light was recorded in the ReduFuse greenhouse.
  • During a light shower of rain in the afternoon 1% more light was recorded in the ReduFuse greenhouse (a thin film of water forms and makes the coating transparent);
  • During twilight 6% less light was recorded in the ReduFuse greenhouse.

Light distribution during sunrise in greenhouse treated with ReduFuse

Light distribution during sunrise in untreated greenhouse

The contours of the greenhouse structure are clearly visible. Even the folded shading system keeps out a lot of light.
If you would like more information about these light measurements please contact Mardenkro.

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