Loss of light through condensation

Water droplets on the inside of greenhouses due to condensation can cause considerable loss of light.

Research by Wageningen UR* shows that the average loss can reach 9%! Therefore, by allowing the condensation layer on the inside of the greenhouse roof to flow away, a large increase in light transmission can be achieved.

New films can have an anti-condensation coating applied in the factory. This coating will last about two production seasons. Films with no (longer) anti-condensation properties can be treated with the AntiCondens coating produced by Mardenkro. This coating has been developed to treat existing films or polycarbonate panels with an anti-condensation layer and it can easily be applied to the inside of the greenhouse. The optimal result is achieved by lightly misting the film or polycarbonate panels and allowing it to dry well. AntiCondens should always be applied well before the condensation season begins. The coating is water-based and safe to use.

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