Selecting the right coating: the free ReduWizard tool can help you

Selecting the right coating and dosage is important to get the best result. The choice depends on, among other things, your location. The ReduWizard makes it easy for you. Within seconds, you have an insight into the most suitable product, free of charge. It also provides advice for the best dosage and timing for applying and removing the coating.

ReduWizard allows you to compile a custom advice for 18 types of vegetable plants and over 50 types of ornamental plants. The tool can be used globally thanks to the link to an international database of climate info from 3,000 locations (temperature, solar radiation and precipitation). Based on a smart calculation model, the ReduWizard subsequently generates a custom advice - free of charge.

Examples from the greenhouse

Advice differs for each crop and location
For a tomato crop in a 3 hectares greenhouse 4.5 m high, the advice for Brest, France, is to use ReduFuse, while a grower in Bern, Switzerland, could use either ReduFuse or ReduFuse IR. ReduFuse IR provides better heat protection, which is an advantage more inland. In both cases, the advice for ReduFuse is a machine application of 42 buckets per Ha in April, to be removed in August. In Venlo, the other option is 69 buckets of ReduFuse IR.

Easy and quick

To receive your recommendation, enter your location followed by your crop, greenhouse details and size. Within seconds, the system tells you the ReduSystems product that is most suitable for your crop. Subsequently, you can request comprehensive advice stating the time of application, dosage and the time of removing the coating.

Sometimes two products are equally suitable. In such cases, the ReduWizard shows two options in a clear list, comparing the values. This enables you to weigh your options. You can also choose to receive the ReduWizard advice in your mailbox.

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