The company's main office is located in Baarle-Nassau, The Netherlands. This is also where the laboratory and its testing facilities are located along with the company's sales, storage and shipping departments. Mardenkro distributes its products globally via a network of distributors and branch locations in Canada, China and Japan.

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Main office

Mardenkro The Netherlands

Mardenkro The Netherlands

P.O. Box 280
5110 AG Baarle-Nassau
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)13 507 53 99
E: sales@redusystems.com

Mardenkro North America

Contact: Peter Heemskerk
47341 Hope River Road
V2P 6H5 Chilliwack B.C.

T: +1 604 703 1103
F: +1 (0)6047031104
E: peter@mardenkro.com

ReduSystems Japan Co. Ltd

Contact: Mr. Yuki Miyashaita
262-10 Shiba
Tochigi, 329-0412, Japan

T: +81 285441751
E: miyashita_yuuki

Mardenkro China

Contact: Rui Qing Huang
Rm 301 Building D
Shang Di Xin Lu 2
100085 Beijing, China

T: +86 (0)1082896298
F: +86 (0)1082896297
E: ruiqinghuang@ruixueglobal.com

Worldwide distributors

Mardenkro has a wide network of distributors around the world. We work closely with these experienced distributors anywhere in the world to offer our proven products and specialized solutions with crop-specific value.

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