ReduSystems products can be combined without problems

All ReduSystems coatings are fully compatible and can therefore be applied on top of each other to achieve the desired result. This also applies to the new solution AntiReflect.

AntiReflect increases the incidence of light in the greenhouse. The product lasts for more than a year, which raises the issue of how to handle any removable coatings you use. After all, you may need different coatings throughout the course of a year, such as ReduSol, ReduHeat or ReduFuse. These products can be applied on top of AntiReflect with no problem.

All ReduSystems products are compatible with each other, and growers make the most of that. Some start by applying ReduHeat early in the year to keep the temperature down while allowing enough light to enter the greenhouse. When the intensity of the sunlight increases later in the season, they apply a thin layer of ReduSol on top. This way, they obtain the benefits of both effects. They get the most out of the properties of ReduHeat in the first part of the season, and when ReduSol is applied the coating will have the combined properties of both products.

ReduSystems products are specially designed to allow different coatings to be combined. The basic formulation is always the same, with different pigments added to achieve the specific effects of each product.

Combining products

Less reflection

Mardenkro has gone down a different route with AntiReflect. Its effect differs from those of ReduSystems coatings, which allow parts of the light spectrum through selectively. The refractive index of AntiReflect has been chosen specifically to reduce the level of reflection on the greenhouse roof, allowing more light to enter the greenhouse.

ReduSystems coatings can be applied on top of AntiReflect with no problem. However, this does not produce a combined effect: if AntiReflect is covered over, it will not work. But as soon as the top coating is removed, AntiReflect starts working again exactly as before. ReduSystems coatings applied on top of AntiReflect can be removed in the usual way: simply spray with ReduClean and allow to wash off in the rain. This does not affect the AntiReflect coating.

Brush with water but no soap

A greenhouse roof can become soiled with sand, algae, leaves and suchlike. It may then be necessary to brush it down in order to get rid of all the dirt. AntiReflect can withstand brushing with water, but cleaning products should not be used.

Figure 1: Brushing greenhouse roof with clean water is no problem for AntiReflect

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