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Growth light is critical to your crop. Clean, clear glass will transmit more growth light into your greenhouse. Regular cleaning is a necessity. But what product should you use for cleaning? GS-4 is a glass cleaner developed specifically for glass greenhouse horticulture. It removes dirt such as soot, dust, rust and organic materials.

Conventional cleaning agents contain hydrogen fluoride gases that have a harmful vapour effect. GS-4 contains no hydrogen fluoride gases and has virtually no vapour effect. GS-4 is therefore safer for humans and crops.

Advantages of GS-4

  • Suitable for use on the both the inside and the outside of the greenhouse
  • Will not roughen the glass
  • Contains no hydrogen fluoride gases and is therefore safer for humans and for the environment

How to use it?

Depending upon the amount of dirt on the glass, one part of GS-4 should be diluted with 5 to 20 parts of clean water. Apply GS-4 to the glass by misting. Allow the product to act and then rinse with generous amounts of water. Do not let the product dry in on the glass. With a dilution ratio of 1:10, an amount of 200 litres will be sufficient for treating a 10,000 square meter surface.

GS-4 is available in 20 liter containers.

Safety and environment


  • On tempered glass test one glass plate on in-and outside. Judge the clearness after hosing off and drying. Fluorine contact with bulbous and tuberous plants may cause damage!
  • For professional use and greenhouse glass only!
  • If in doubt, contact Mardenkro.

GS-4 and your health
Ammonium-bifluoride solutions are toxic and corrosive. Avoid eye and skin contact by wearing safety goggles and protective clothing. In case of skin contact, thoroughly rinse with water. In case of eye contact, rinse with clean water for at least 10 minutes and consult a physician.

The environment
If GS-4 is used correctly, the ammonium-bifluoride is entirely transformed into ammoniumhexafluorosilicate. This silicate reacts with substances in the soil, forming compounds which are naturally present in the soil. The residual water containing GS-4 may be drained into surface waters.

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