ReduFuse is a coating that diffuses the light when it enters the greenhouse. Diffused light penetrates deeper into the crop and can improve production and quality.


  • Very high light transmission
  • An evenly balanced climate due to light diffusion
  • Less stress in the crop
  • More photosynthesis, also in the lower leaves
  • Lower leaf temperature
  • Transparent during rainfall
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • More comfortable work conditions
  • Only to be applied om glass roofs


ReduFuse is suitable for all crops that need large amounts of light. Shading is minimal so there is no protection against heat radiation. ReduFuse has proven successful when applied to vegetable crops and highly light-dependent flowers and plants.

How to apply

For the best results, ReduFuse should be diluted with a certain amount of clean water (depending on the application method)  and sprayed evenly on a dry and clean greenhouse roof. The best layer is obtained when sprayed by machine. ReduFuse should only be applied on glass roofs with a roof washer available. The table below shows the number of buckets required and the effect on the greenhouse climate.

Buckets per ha / acre Heat reflection Grow-light reflection (PAR) Wear resistance
20 / 8 +++++ +++++ +++++
14 / 6 +++++ +++++ +++++

How to remove

ReduFuse can be removed with ReduClean. Spray at least 250 litres of ReduClean per hectare, diluted with 5-7 parts of clean water, evenly on the desired roof area (26 US gallon/acre). Preferable ReduClean is sprayed by machine. Only apply when the roof surface is dry but heavy rainfall is expected within 2 days. In most cases the ReduFuse is then entirely washed away by the rain. If not, the roof should be brushed with a roof washer.

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