More knowledge = better result

ReduSystems coatings produce the best result when you use the right product for the plant. The ReduWizard makes it easier to choose the one that’s right for you. In some cases, the Horticultural Product Specialist can also help.

At ReduSystems we’re constantly working on expanding our product range. And to make sure you choose the right products for your crop, it’s important to find out which part of the light spectrum you need to adjust and when to do it. Our coatings can affect incoming sunlight in one or more of the following ways:

  • Reduction of overall light levels. (shading)
  • Reduction of mainly infrared radiation (maintaining high PAR light levels)
  • Diffusing light and reducing heat
  • Selectively adjusting the light spectrum


A different solution is needed in every situation, and it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right coating or sequence of coatings. When to apply or remove a coating is another important factor.

The online ReduWizard app, which can be downloaded from the ReduSystems website, provides good advice on the best coating to use for different crops, regions and greenhouse features. An additional source of useful information is the account manager.

In special cases, our Horticultural Product Specialist Hans van Eijk is the man to ask. He is responsible for knowledge development and sharing and is the main point of contact for local consultants.

More knowledge
"We want all our products to be properly tested by an independent institute before they go on sale."

Hans van Eijk

Practical trials

“I effectively act as a bridge between R&D and everyday practice,” van Eijk explains. “When we launch a new product we first run small-scale trials with growers. If they go well we upscale to bigger practical trials. We publish the results of these trials in our newsletters and pass them on when we talk to crop advisers and consultants. We always keep them up to date with the latest developments.”

Conversely, van Eijk also keeps a sharp eye on trends and practical issues on the ground. ReduSystems can customize coatings for a specific greenhouse situation and can bring out a new product in response to developments in the horticultural sector.

Close contact with research

The product specialist keeps in close contact with the world of research. Wageningen University & Research (UR) is a key partner: all ReduSystems products are thoroughly analyzed and tested in the Wageningen UR Light Lab. Van Eijk: “We want all our products to be properly tested by an independent institute before they go on sale. That way we can always provide reliable information on the effect each of our coatings has. The Wageningen UR Light Lab specializes in running tests under practical conditions, which minimizes the risk of surprises in the greenhouse setting.”

In addition, Mardenkro, the company behind ReduSystems, is a member of the Club of 100, a group of leading horticultural companies that co-finance and support the research carried out at Wageningen UR. “This enables us to keep up to speed with the latest developments and translate new scientific findings into practical applications at an early stage,” van Eijk explains. One of the latest areas of research is the influence the light spectrum (the color of the light) has on crop growth and development. Scientific insights in this field are growing all the time. ReduSystems is responding to the new opportunities for steering the crop with its ReduFlex line.

Tailored advice

ReduSystems has a coating that can greatly improve the plant’s performance in every situation and for every crop. The right choice of coating or the right combination can help you maximize production and quality. Tailored advice always delivers the best results because it takes the grower’s specific needs into account.

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