AntiReflect improves light incidence. The application of this coating on the outside of the greenhouse cover reduces the reflection from the glass so that more sunlight enters the greenhouse. That is particularly welcome in autumn, winter, and spring.

No matter how crystal clear your glass, there is always a small part of the sunlight that cannot enter your greenhouse and reach your crop. As a certain percentage of the sunlight is always reflected by the greenhouse glass. AntiReflect reduces that reflection so that more light reaches the crop. That boosts production and reduces energy consumption.

AntiReflect reduces reflection of the greenhouse glass
  • Improves light incidence by 2.5 to 3%
  • Lasts for two years
  • Greenhouse cover stays cleaner after application
  • Combination with other ReduSystems coatings and ReduClean is possible
  • Only suitable for glass

How to apply?

AntiReflect can be applied manually, by machine, and by drone. Whatever the choice of equipment, AntiReflect should be applied as an even layer for best results.

How to remove?

At the end of AntiReflect’s useful life, it can be removed by using GS-4. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I clean a greenhouse roof coated with AntiReflect?

A mild detergent can be used to clean the AntiReflect-coated greenhouse roof. The detergent should be sprayed on the greenhouse after which it should rain off. Do not use any brushes in combination with a cleaner or detergent. Do not use GS-4 because that will remove the AntiReflect layer. The ReduSystems coatings can be removed by using ReduClean and letting it rain off without damaging AntiReflect.

What’s the best time to spray AntiReflect?

AntiReflect lasts for two years, so it is best to apply it right after the summer. That way, you benefit from maximum light gain during two darker seasons. 

Do I have to remove AntiReflect before re-applying?

Yes, at the end of AntiReflect’s useful life, it can be removed by using GS-4. We advise you not to dispose the residue in the irrigation basin.

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