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ReduHeat and chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums have a hard time growing at very high temperatures. Out of curiosity Chrysco Flowers of Cranbourne (near Melbourne) decided to try ReduHeat. The coating has been good on all fronts: Better quality; higher production; and a more pleasant working climate.

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Cleaning greenhouses with fluoride based agents


The horticultural sector often uses a cleaning agent based on fluoride to clean glass. Fluoride chemically cleans the surface of the glass. Several minutes after application the treated glass along with the dirt is rinsed off. But this principle should not be applied to synthetic greenhouse roof coverings.

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Roses benefit from higher reflection of blue light


Not only the amount of light but also its colour determines the growth and production of roses. The coating ReduFlex Blue allows relatively less blue light to enter the greenhouse. Commercial trials have shown that this has a positive effect on stem length or production. The rose growers who took part...

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Incoming light in winter certainly can be improved


During the winter natural light is the limiting factor for growth and production: Every reason to look at optimising the light entering the greenhouse during the winter. Frank Kempkes of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture thinks it’s possible to improve it by 15-20%.

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Extra light by cleaning the glass


Over the years different innovations have been introduced to obtain more light in the greenhouse. White coated pillars, larger panes of glass and narrower gutters all help to ensure that more light falls onto the crop. But to make the most of this extra light, don’t forget to clean the glass.

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Coatings have no effect on day length sensitivity


Short day plants flower during short days; long day plants flower during long days. It is becoming increasingly clear that light colour plays an important role in driving this effect. Coatings however, have no impact on this.

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Steering with light colours getting closer


Different light colours each have their own effect on growth and development. Our knowledge about this is increasing and is starting to be applied. But does our ability to steer with light still lie way in the future?

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Screens hardly needed due to coating


Since Dutch flower nursery, van de Westeringh, started using ReduHeat and ReduFuse IR, the shade screens have hardly been used at all. The flower colour remains good and working conditions are better.

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Measuring light in practice


All our coatings are measured annually by the light lab at Wageningen UR. They determine a number of values including direct transmission, hemispheric transmission and diffusion.

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Loss of light through condensation


Water droplets on the inside of greenhouses due to condensation can cause considerable loss of light.

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Why diffuse light works


If you scatter light when radiation is high, the total photosynthetic efficiency of the entire crop increases. This is the main reason why diffuse light leads to greater production. Furthermore it results in less heat stress.

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Three years practical experience with ReduFuse


Coating makes optimal growing possible. Diffuse light clearly can increase production and quality. Over the years this has been proven time and time again by horticultural research trials and now data from commercial nurseries is piling up. ReduFuse allows a greenhouse roof to diffuse light without the...

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ReduFuse or ReduFuse IR?


A few years ago Mardenkro introduced ReduFuse. It is a coating that diffuses sunlight while hardly reducing light transmission. It is used mostly in the summer months for vegetable and flower crops that normally are not, or very minimally, screened. It’s clear from the graph below that light transmission...

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Pot plants benefit from diffuse glass


A wide range of flowering and green pot plants performs better under ReduFuse. For some types the increase in productivity or acceleration of the production cycle is quite substantial. That is especially true if the grower can allow in more light. But even at an equal level of light, diffused light leads...

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Shade really matters


Shade really matters to John Ellerbrook, co-owner of Blofield Nurseries near Norwich, Norfolk, in the east of England. He’s one of the country’s best-known specialists in evergreen shrubs such as azalea, camellia, euonymus, photinia, pieris and rhododendron – all woodland shrubs that demand just the...

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