ReduHeat is a removable coating that reflects the heat rays (infrared) of the sun. The transmission of grow light (PAR) remains high.

Every shading agent has its strong features. The agent that best suits your situation mainly depends on the crop and sometimes the variety. General shading coatings provide shade from the sunlight across the whole spectrum. However, if the crop is suffering from heat, but it could still convert light into production, ReduHeat is a better choice. This coating shades the plants from infrared light, which warms up the plants, and lets more grow light through. It is suitable for crops that thrive on large amounts of light but need protection against heat.

ReduHeat reflects heat from the greenhouse
  • Higher yield and better quality
  • High reflection of heat radiation
  • A better climate through less ventilation
  • Even climate with no peaks
  • Easy to remove with ReduClean

How to apply?

The best and longest-lasting results, with optimum light transmission, are obtained when ReduHeat is applied to a clean, dry greenhouse roof, as follows:

  1. Fill the mixing tank with the required quantity of clean water and add ReduHeat, stirring continuously. 
  2. Stir the spray liquid frequently during the application.
  3. Apply ReduHeat evenly to the greenhouse surface, preferably using a spraying machine.
  4. Do not use any non-ReduSystems shading products in combination with ReduHeat.
  5. Do not apply when rain is expected within 12 hours, respect drying time.

How to remove?

ReduHeat is easy to remove with ReduClean. Spray at least 250 liters of ReduClean per hectare, diluted with 5-7 parts of clean water, evenly on the desired roof area. Only apply ReduClean when a considerable amount of rain is expected within one week. The rain will wash off the ReduHeat layer.

Frequently asked questions

How much shading does my crop need?

Every crop reacts differently to light and climate. Light-loving crops such as roses, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers need a lot of light but also need protection from radiation peaks. Other crops love shade, such as many potted plants and orchids, in which case a high amount of shading is needed. Read more about how much light your crop needs here. For the best advice, contact your crop consultant or a ReduSystems account manager in your region.  

What’s the difference between ReduHeat and ReduFuse IR?

Both coatings reflect a part of the (near) infrared light while transmitting a large amount of PAR light. The differences between ReduHeat and ReduFuse IR are in the degree of diffusion (Hortiscatter) and the amount of infrared reflection. The diffusion (Hortiscatter) of ReduFuse IR is higher compared with the same amount of ReduHeat. If the same amount of buckets/ha are used, ReduHeat will reflect more infrared light which causes the greenhouse to heat. Due to ReduHeat’s higher capacity to reflect infrared light, the plant will respond more generatively compared to ReduFuse IR despite having a lower leaf temperature. In contrast, ReduFuse IR causes a greater scattering of light (diffusion) which stimulates more vegetative growth. Read more about the differences between ReduHeat and ReduFuse IR in this article

Where can I buy your products?

We have a large network of distributors around the world. We work closely with our local distributors to offer our products and specialized solutions for each specific crop. You can find an overview of our distributors on this page. It is not possible to purchase products directly from Lumiforte. 

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