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Anne Elings explains why crops grow better with more light


For a good part of the year, the level of natural light is below optimal for most crops. Any additional light that then enters the greenhouse contributes to improved production and quality, says Anne Elings, Plant Physiologist at Wageningen University & Research.

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Getting more light into the greenhouse in three steps


An old growers saying has it that 1% more light yields 1% higher production. Scientists have since shown that this is in fact a bit more nuanced: depending on the crop this varies from 0.5% to 1.25%. However, the principle remains the same; during a large part of the year all of the sunlight can effectively...

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An optimal climate in every season


Every climate is different, and each crop has its own preferences. The wide range of ReduSystems coatings makes it possible to manage sunlight throughout the year.

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How much light does my crop need?


There is an optimal amount of light for every crop. Too little means that production will be low. But too much will put pressure on the yield and quality. So custom work is always key.

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ReduFuse and AntiReflect improve control over the cultivation of cucumbers


Cucumber farm Van Lipzig Tuinderijen is constantly working on improving its crop. The ReduFuse and AntiReflect coatings are perfectly suited to meet the desire for better use of the available light.

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Investment in AntiReflect produces considerably greater yield


Durability tests carried out in actual practice show that AntiReflect lasts at least 2 years. Throughout that time, the extra light in the greenhouse results in considerably greater yields. This is the conclusion of the calculations made by Wageningen University & Research.

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Ten percent higher light incidence in greenhouse


Every percent can be converted into higher production. Mardenkro offers a package of solutions designed to improve the incidence of light into a greenhouse by as much as ten percent.

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AntiReflect is going international


The new AntiReflect coating is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. All the more reason to extend the introduction to North-West Europe. Mardenkro guarantees light gain and supports all new users.

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Combining products

ReduSystems products can be combined without problems


All ReduSystems coatings are fully compatible and can therefore be applied on top of each other to achieve the desired result. This also applies to the new solution AntiReflect.

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It takes skill to apply AntiReflect properly


For AntiReflect to work properly, the thickness of the coating must be within a certain bandwidth. Only certified contractors are able to achieve this.

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Tomato grower sees increase in production as a result of AntiReflect


Van Adrichem Kwekerijen in Steenbergen achieved a 5% increase in production last year using AntiReflect, compared to an untreated glasshouse section. “We were pleasantly surprised.”

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Importance of measurements

The importance of reliable and independent measurements


Mardenkro is firmly committed to ensure that its products have a sound scientific basis and therefore maintains close contact with Wageningen University & Research, the perfect partner for conducting independent measurements and pursuing new avenues.

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Every percent more light in winter is pure profit


Light is the limiting factor in production in winter. Every step taken to improve light ingress is therefore welcome.

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optimizing production

Optimizing production


Vegetable and ornamental crops can produce much more than they do at present if the climate conditions are always ideal.

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Practical tests confirm higher production under AntiReflect


The first growers to use the new AntiReflect coating are seeing higher production as more light is entering their greenhouses. AntiReflect is being launched commercially this year.

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