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AntiCondens for glass allows significantly more light into the greenhouse


Tomato grower Paul van Paassen is the first in the Netherlands to use the coating AntiCondens for glass. “It clearly leads to more light inside.” he says.

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Selecting the right coating: the free ReduWizard tool can help you


Selecting the right coating and dosage is important to get the best result. The choice depends on, among other things, your location. The ReduWizard makes it easy for you. Within seconds, you have an insight into the most suitable product, free of charge. It also provides advice for the best dosage and...

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Anti-condensation coating for glass


In the Netherlands the levels of light are low in winter. We can compensate for this by using additional lighting, but it is also important to let in as much of the available natural light as possible. One way of getting more light in is to reduce light loss caused by condensation.

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Solution in sight for light loss due to condensation on glass


The crop continually transpires. This leads to condensation on the glass roof. On one hand this is positive as it dehumidifies the greenhouse but on the other hand the condensation inhibits light entering. But a solution is in sight for the latter.

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Incoming light in winter certainly can be improved


During the winter natural light is the limiting factor for growth and production: Every reason to look at optimising the light entering the greenhouse during the winter. Frank Kempkes of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture thinks it’s possible to improve it by 15-20%.

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Loss of light through condensation


Water droplets on the inside of greenhouses due to condensation can cause considerable loss of light.

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