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ReduSol is good for both orchids and working conditions in the greenhouse


Since Apollo Farm in Don Duong, Vietnam, started using ReduSol flower quality is better, screens are used less and working conditions have clearly improved. 

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Use of coating requires tailor-made advice


For every type of crop it is important to create an optimal climate year-round to constantly achieve the maximum yield and quality. A coating on the greenhouse roof can be a good tool for this. However, there is a large range of coatings available and these can also be applied in different thicknesses....

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Kalanchoe plant

CAM plants require special treatment


CAM plants are a group of plants that only assimilate at night and grow slowly. The cultivation of these plants requires special treatment.

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Machine coating with ReduSol

Shading with ReduSol: a reliable solution for cooling the greenhouse


Nowadays, liquid greenhouse coatings are replacing chalk applications more than ever. These coatings are easy to apply, easy to remove and provide uniform shading. Coating with ReduSol is a good choice for people who have little or no experience with liquid coatings.

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Proper functioning of stomata is crucial


The plant is continuously seeking a balance between transpiration (loss of moisture) and photosynthesis. The functioning of the stomata plays an important role in this. Moderate climate conditions are best for achieving this.

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At the forefront of horticultural innovations


Mardenkro maintains close contact with scientific researchers and is a member of the Club 100: a group of prominent horticultural suppliers that helps finance and steer research at Wageningen Greenhouse Horticulture. This way Mardenkro is at the forefront of horticultural innovations.

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ReduSol lowers cultivation temperature


After several years of trial and error, horticultural company Young Sun, of Taiwan, has found a good solution for using ReduSol to protect its potted and bedding plants. The coating is applied to the sidewalls as well as the greenhouse roof.

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Coatings enable maximum efficiency of photosynthesis


The more light, the better the yield. But at a certain moment the leaves at the top of the crop have reached their maximum capacity. Therefore it is better to distribute the available light throughout crop. That can be seen in the photo response curve.

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Uniform light intensity best for crop


Plants show a delayed response to changes in light intensity. Actually they are always a few steps behind the reality and that reduces production. Diffuse light results in fewer changes and therefore to higher production.

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Receive your free copy of 'The bright side of growing'


Mardenkro would like to share its knowledge and experience, because we strongly believe this enables growers worldwide to achieve the best growing results. Therefore, we would like to offer you an educational book totally free.

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Close collaboration with consultants


Mardenkro maintains close contacts with consultants who advise international greenhouses. Dutch horticultural technology is very popular all over the world but only with the proper know-how it is possible to achieve the maximum results.

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Always a clean greenhouse


Even when prices are poor few companies cut back on cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouse. This indicates that in practice the importance of good light transmission has sunk in.

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Potential to steer crop with blue light


Crop development can be steered by using blue light. Insights into the possibilities are continuously growing as a result of joint research.

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Light colour and intensity affect biological balance


Both pests and their natural enemies respond to the colour and intensity of light. This means that coatings can affect the biological balance in greenhouses.

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Measuring crop temperatures


In greenhouse cultivation, we normally measure the greenhouse temperature. However, the temperatures of the plant and fruit are also very important in achieving optimum production and quality.

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