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ReduSol lowers cultivation temperature


After several years of trial and error, horticultural company Young Sun, of Taiwan, has found a good solution for using ReduSol to protect its potted and bedding plants. The coating is applied to the sidewalls as well as the greenhouse roof.

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Coatings enable maximum efficiency of photosynthesis


The more light, the better the yield. But at a certain moment the leaves at the top of the crop have reached their maximum capacity. Therefore it is better to distribute the available light throughout crop. That can be seen in the photo response curve.

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Uniform light intensity best for crop


Plants show a delayed response to changes in light intensity. Actually they are always a few steps behind the reality and that reduces production. Diffuse light results in fewer changes and therefore to higher production.

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Receive your free copy of 'The bright side of growing'


Mardenkro would like to share its knowledge and experience, because we strongly believe this enables growers worldwide to achieve the best growing results. Therefore, we would like to offer you an educational book totally free.

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Close collaboration with consultants


Mardenkro maintains close contacts with consultants who advise international greenhouses. Dutch horticultural technology is very popular all over the world but only with the proper know-how it is possible to achieve the maximum results.

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Always a clean greenhouse


Even when prices are poor few companies cut back on cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouse. This indicates that in practice the importance of good light transmission has sunk in.

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Potential to steer crop with blue light


Crop development can be steered by using blue light. Insights into the possibilities are continuously growing as a result of joint research.

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Light colour and intensity affect biological balance


Both pests and their natural enemies respond to the colour and intensity of light. This means that coatings can affect the biological balance in greenhouses.

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Measuring crop temperatures


In greenhouse cultivation, we normally measure the greenhouse temperature. However, the temperatures of the plant and fruit are also very important in achieving optimum production and quality.

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Diffuse light for Gerbera


Gerbera is a light sensitive crop that benefits from high sums of light. However, during the summer months, too much light can damage both growth and quality. Therefore gerbera crops always need to be protected. This can be achieved by using a coating, screen or a combination of both. In practice, we...

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ReduFuse IR ensures stress-free ficus


Ficus can withstand a lot of light providing the leaf temperature doesn’t rise too high. The company Kwekerij Zwethlande of Honselersdijk, the Netherlands, is therefore using ReduFuse IR for the first time this season.  

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ReduHeat or ReduFlex Blue?


The arrival of photoselective coatings on the market has allowed more crop specific light to be offered to the plant. ReduHeat is the first photoselective coating that has been specially developed for horticulture. Many growers want to keep heat out of the greenhouse but aren’t prepared to sacrifice...

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Longer roses under ReduFlex Blue


When it becomes very warm roses quickly tend to remain too short. Nice2Get! now has three seasons of experience with ReduFlex Blue. “We clearly see more stem elongation,” says owner Robert Koot.

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Sensitive sweetpoint peppers benefit from ReduFuse


Sweetpoint peppers are very sensitive to blossom end rot and sunburn spots. Since John Cappalonga of Gee Vee Enterprises started using ReduFuse these problems are under control.

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ReduFuse IR is ideal for the cultivation of amaryllis


Amaryllis grow longer under a coating, resulting in larger bulbs and sturdier stems. Most growers (70-80%) now use coatings.

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