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growing salads and herbs in greenhouses - Agrocombinat “Moskovsky”

Lettuce and herbs flourish under ReduSol


When growing salads and herbs in greenhouses, these plants may experience stress from high temperatures in the greenhouse and excessive solar radiation in spring-summer period. “Agrocombinat “Moskovsky” is sharing its successful experience with ReduSol of keeping their crop growing and keeping its freshness.

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Anne Elings explains why crops grow better with more light


For a good part of the year, the level of natural light is below optimal for most crops. Any additional light that then enters the greenhouse contributes to improved production and quality, says Anne Elings, Plant Physiologist at Wageningen University & Research.

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Coatings and high-pressure misting keep crops growing


More and more growers are using high-pressure misting systems. In combination with coatings, this is an excellent way of keeping crops active and productive in hot summers.

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An optimal climate in every season


Every climate is different, and each crop has its own preferences. The wide range of ReduSystems coatings makes it possible to manage sunlight throughout the year.

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Use the right cleaning agent to remove a coating


Our coatings are developed to prevent them from quickly wearing off. When they are no longer useful at the end of the season, ReduClean is the only way to remove them effectively. Because we have coatings with different properties, we have also developed different types of ReduClean.

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When should I remove the coating?


Light levels fall a little further every day in August. The decision as to when to remove a coating is partly rational and partly depends on the weather and your green fingers.

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Combining products

ReduSystems products can be combined without problems


All ReduSystems coatings are fully compatible and can therefore be applied on top of each other to achieve the desired result. This also applies to the new solution AntiReflect.

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Removing coatings

Removing coatings: how to get your greenhouse spotlessly clean


This summer, some growers have started removing their greenhouse roof coatings earlier than usual because of the mediocre summer weather. ReduClean is the perfect product for the job. When it comes to removing ReduFuse (IR), there is a special version of ReduClean available: ReduClean for ReduFuse. Dennis...

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Selecting the right coating: the free ReduWizard tool can help you


Selecting the right coating and dosage is important to get the best result. The choice depends on, among other things, your location. The ReduWizard makes it easy for you. Within seconds, you have an insight into the most suitable product, free of charge. It also provides advice for the best dosage and...

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At the forefront of horticultural innovations


Mardenkro maintains close contact with scientific researchers and is a member of the Club 100: a group of prominent horticultural suppliers that helps finance and steer research at Wageningen Greenhouse Horticulture. This way Mardenkro is at the forefront of horticultural innovations.

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Always a clean greenhouse


Even when prices are poor few companies cut back on cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouse. This indicates that in practice the importance of good light transmission has sunk in.

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Cleaning requires "heads up"


ReduSystems is a group of coatings that can be removed with a single special cleaning solution: ReduClean. This cleaning agent makes it possible to remove all ReduSystems coatings from all types of greenhouse roofs. Mardenkro and Marel Loonwerk explain the best way to approach it.

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Sun protection in plastic greenhouses with ReduSystems


Worldwide there is about 1.200.000 ha of professional plastic greenhouse and tunnel. Most crops in these greenhouses need protection against heat and/or light during summer. An easy and efficient way to protect the crop is to use a temporary coating applied on the outside surface of the greenhouse. The...

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Controllability is a watchword


Controllability is a watchword for Alan Bretherton, senior grower at Ornamental Plants, one of the UK’s largest bedding plant nurseries, at Tarleton, Lancashire.

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ReduSol with pigment protects young Azaleas


Young Azaleas don’t like a lot of light. Therefore Mardenkro devised a shading system that mixes ReduSol with a black pigment to bring the young plants through the cuttings phase. “They get off to a good start. And because ReduSol is easy to remove from the roof they receive sufficient light in the winter,”...

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